About School

M.N. Public School

About School

M.S. Public School, is an outcome of a desire to cultivate talent and create opportunities for the children of Haryana to be on a global platform. The school is dedicated to maintaining an environment with respect for the individual and an outstanding faculty to foster independent thinking, creativity, responsibility and a strong sense of moral integrity. The campus serves to be a model with environmentally responsible design, with learning spaces, in accordance with global consciousness on pollution control and protection of our planet. M.S. Public School has adopted a curriculum, which combines the best of available techniques, tried and tested across the country by various M.S. Public School. The campus complements the highest standards in education that M.S. Public School stands for, with student-friendly ambiance and academically oriented environment, closely supporting curriculum goals.

Our Motto

"Service Before Self"
The motto of the M.S. Public School Society is a vivid reflection of the mettle and dedication that goes into the making of a noble institution with a noble mission. 

Our Mission

To provide quality education with an equal opportunity to all students irrespective of caste and class. To develop a sense of equality among children and help them to face the challenges of the world with a broad outlook. To make them self-reliant, productive individuals and awakened citizens.
To provide the world leaders of tomorrow, by inculcating among the young scholars of today, the freedom of thought, freedom of choice and freedom of expression today.


M.S. Public School Advantage

The transformation has taken long years in a short span. Long years, because every year of growth has been a very deliberated step forward. Yet, a short span, because every step forward has been achieved in much shorter time, than what such growth would normally warrant.

But our philosophy has never been about normal warrants. It has always been about more steps for every step. With an inter-woven spirit to excel in each of its schools, the Our network support systems are created with intent, to build-in more schools in each school.  

Today's world is more about a desire to excel than excellence itself. Where excellence can be a point of culmination, desire to excel is never-ending. Continuous.

An M.S. Public School is built on certain benchmarks. An aesthetic school campus, a dynamic faculty, a pro-active management, excellent sports and co-curricular facilities, libraries and resource centers, smart classrooms, multi-media centers, and efficient transport management system, are some of the basics. Inter-school activities, teacher and student - exchange programs that foster thinking with a broader perspective, are incidentals which come with the strength of Our network. Well-planned curriculum, continuous up-gradation, constant drive to perform, perfection in examination and evaluation systems, and sights on times ahead, are some of the inbuilt characteristics, that have created an leadership in education.