Awards & Achievments


Nur. To IInd: -  The Child’s Academic performances are evaluated on the basis of six cycle tests held during the session. Grades are awarded to all learning skills in the concerned subject on a five-point scale.

 IIIrd to Vth: - Academic performance is evaluated on the basis of four cycle test, Ist term in Sep., the IInd term in March. In addition, HW/Assignments are given due considerations. Grades are awarded in each subject on five point scale.

 VIth to VIIIth: - Academic performances is evaluated on the basis of four cycle test,1st term in Sep. and IInd term In March.

 20% weight is given to cycle test
 30% weight is given 1st term exam
 40% Weightage is given IInd term exam.
 10% weight is given HW/Assignment     

 IX – X: -  Promotions will be made on the basis of four F.A’s, S.A1 & S.A2.

 XI – XII: - Promotions shall be made on the basis of Annual Examination only.


Achievement Certificate: - Mementoes & certificates are awarded to students who have been declared as best Speakers & best players in all activities & sports held during the session.

 Scholar Badge is awarded to students scoring 85% marks & above in aggregate(VI-VIII & IX – XII)/ G.P.A 9.0 & above (IX & X)

Scholar Gown students receiving scholar badge for 3 consecutive years are awarded gown (scholar blazer