Chairman Message

"Dear Parents"

In  My perception of a school, a teacher and a taught are seen as the most valuable, source of a lice with values and an objective to fulfill in the way of promise to be kept up during their stride along the god gifted path of life according to me, I very much opine with the saying of John Holt who believes “ The School is not a place where the children grow just physically and mentally drawing mere facts and figures of the known facts”, but the children should really grow in all curiosity uncurbed, walk in and out with courage, face the situation with confidence, take decision independently dealing with outside world with patience and understanding. More than all he could solve of find solution in all competency. This is possible when the teacher remains a burning candle to light the wisdom of her/his taught by remaining a perpetual learner. So that she/he would succeed to bring out what is hidden in every child in India receives the elements if literacy numeracy along with the artistic, scientific & technical education. No by or girl should leave the school ignorant of literature or wonder of science so that our Indian soil can produce much more Kalpana Chawla’s the space techno-craft who could pave way for Indian to lead her space mission in the years ahead.”


  I conclude wishing each and every one involved in the process of bringing out the best in a child.

With Warm Regards

Rajinder Gupta
M.S. Public School,
Nissing, Karnal.