The school is privileged to have a competent and qualified teaching fraternity, with a wide experience in grooming students to succeed in this competitive world. The teachers are certified with degrees that are approved by educational bodies.

Teachers are trained to specialize in teaching, counseling to act as a Mentor and Guide by providing emotional support to students when needed. Faculty attends educational seminars and symposia conducted nationally and internationally to understand the changes in the educational scenario. Orientation programs and periodic parent-teacher meetings are conducted to help parents understand the curriculum and teaching methodology adopted by the school.

Our faculty at the School enlarges the learning experience. All teachers are actively involved in the extra and cocurricular activities that are penciled into the daily routine of the students. Be it on the sports field, the sphere of publications or debates, teachers take an active interest and share a healthy rapport with students.

At School, we value our most invaluable resource – our teachers. They, in turn, not only transact the curriculum but also generate an enthusiasm for learning and a questioning, critical disposition.