To investigate distinctive exploratory phenomena, with procurement for every understudy to work separately, the school has huge, completely prepared and useful research facilities, each for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computers, Mathematics and Social Science, ELT as far as cutting edge varying media educating guides. Instructors deal with new systems for bestowing training with unique accentuation on course task and viable work.

Physics Lab

Physics Lab in the school adds to the improvement of accuracy, normal and explanatory thinking and thinking. Understudies carry on analyses with light, solid, magnet, different mirrors, and other such contraptions.Physics is found out in a participatory and fun mode. The understudies procure pace and exactness in understanding material science numerals.

Science Lab

The experimental temper of the understudies takes a jump in the science lab. The soul of inquiry and experimentation is expanded in the science lab. The lab at ANY SCHOOL is exceptionally extensive and all around outfitted with every single obliged concoction and mechanical assembly. The attitudes of perceptions and autonomous speculation are created here.


Biology Lab 

Biology lab sharpens the understudies towards indigenous habitat. The lab is very much outfitted with allowed examples, models, blurbs and so on as a component of natural studies. Understudies study saplings, soil profile, water holding limit, air contamination and so forth.

(Photo: RENDY ARYANTO/VisualVerve.SG)
Computers Lab

Mathematics lab has been set up in the school to make educating of Maths more practical. The lab has encouraged understudies to create enthusiasm for the subject. Learning is finished by action system with the goal that understudies gain fundamental information of Mathematics and get to be bosses of the subject.